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Discover Meyou: Personalized, Conversational, Emotionally Attuned


Create your own personas and interact.

Emotional Modes

You can apply emotional modes to you interactions.

Two Way Speech

Interact with meyou by simply talking in real-time.


Tailor your meyou with custom avatars, voices, and emotional modes. Elevate your daily interactions with a companion that reflects your style and mood.

Your Security, Our Priority

Feel secure with meyou's advanced encryption and protective measures.Your data remains private and protected.

Custom Vocies

Personalize your meyou with custom voices that reflect your style. Choose from a range of options to make your interactions uniquely yours.

Frequently asked questions

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What is meyou?

Meyou is an innovative AI companion designed to provide personalized assistance and enhance your daily interactions through seamless integration with various apps and platforms.

How can I personalize my meyou?

You can personalize your meyou by selecting custom avatars, voices, and even emotional modes. This ensures your interactions are tailored to your preferences, making the experience uniquely yours.

What applications can meyou integrate with?

Meyou seamlessly integrates with popular apps like DALL-E for creative manifestations, Google News for real-time global updates, and even your preferred social platforms for effortless connections.

Can I choose different voices for my meyou?

Absolutely! meyou offers a range of voice options to choose from, allowing you to select the one that resonates with your style and preference.

How does meyou adapt to my emotions?

Meyou comes equipped with emotional modes that enable it to adapt its responses based on your mood. This enhances the authenticity of your interactions and fosters a more engaging experience.

Is my data secure with meyou?

Yes, your privacy and security are paramount to us. meyou employs advanced encryption and robust security measures to ensure your interactions and data remain confidential and protected.

How do I get started with meyou?

Getting started with meyou is easy. Simply sign up, personalize your companion, and start enjoying the benefits of seamless integration and personalized interactions.

Can I use meyou through text and speech?

Yes, meyou is designed to interact with you through both text and speech, ensuring a user-friendly experience that suits your preferred mode of communication.

How does meyou enhance my daily life?

Meyou enhances your daily life by offering personalized assistance, streamlining tasks, keeping you informed with real-time updates, and adapting to your emotions for more meaningful interactions.

Pricing built for all purposes

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Chat only
20.000 words / month
Limited features

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Meyou speaks to you
You can speak to Meyou
1000 hours interaction time / month
Standard Speech

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Meyou speaks to you
You can speak to Meyou
5000 hours interaction time / month
Human like speech

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